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U.S. Ski Jumpers Land Major Sponsor For Olympic Debut

For a decade the U.S. women’s ski jumping team was largely ignored. Ignored by corporate sponsors, … {Read More}

Coast-Wide: Age-Old Workwear With An Artistic Twist, Produced By Hand In The USA

A well-made chambray shirt will outlast most items in your closet and only looks better as it ages.  … {Read More} Acquires DwellStudio

Expands Brand Portfolio; Adds Expertise in Product Design and Development with Plans to Launch New L … {Read More}

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In an era when countless magazines have shriveled and perished, Shape remains the world's largest women's active lifestyle monthly. And when its publishers were looking to transform the company into a unique lifestyle brand — one that would resonate with loyal readers and active women — bsp met the challenge, determining that by leveraging its existing brand, media platform, and connection with...

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