Coast-Wide- design -


  • Branding + Identity
  • Product Design
  • Sourcing + Production

Project Details

Coast-Wide is a trademark that has adorned quality USA made chambray shirts for more than 70 years. But this is no dusty heritage revival! Rather, the artists and designers at BSP’s design studio were looking for a new canvas for creativity – and we love chambray. We obsessed about the texture and weave of this timeless cloth, and the way the varied indigo hues take a beautiful bath and just get better with each wash and wear. History aside, this iconic cloth was ripe for a reinvention; Coast-Wide was reimagined by BSP and brought to life as a collection of the highest quality chambray shirts for men and women. Not verbatim reproductions of the originals, but rather tastefully designed interpretations that become a canvas for cosmic collaboration and craft. Each style was produced in a very limited run; hand numbered and built in Los Angeles. Recognized by the indelible outline of America on every label, and meant to be worn in your own individual way.