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  • Product Design
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Project Details

It all started in a little tailor shop in Waianae in 1948. Legendary watermen were conquering the surf while the luminaries of the time visited the beaches of Oahu becoming fast friends with them. They surfed together, hung together, partied together and these friendships and the antics that unfolded have become the thing of legend. BSP’s design studio acquired the M.Nii trademark in 2011 and reimagined a modern collection of premium handcrafted surfwear based on the heritage of the M.Nii Tailor Shop. Legends like JFK, John Wayne & Gary Cooper stopped by the tailor shop for a pair of bespoke M.Nii trunks back then, and today BSP has built a full collection of men’s sportswear available at the best retailers globally. M.Nii won its lead designer the GQ Best New Menswear Designer Award in 2014, and the GQ x GAP capsule collection by M.Nii sold out across the country.