Hollywood Legend Dares to be Different

When you’re considered Rock n’ Roll royalty and you have one of the most recognized names in the world, it’s no easy task to establish your own identity – unless of course, you’re Priscilla Presley. Priscilla is a Hollywood legend in her own right, an actress, an author and a style icon. And now, with the help of bsp, she is also recognized as the designer behind the unconventional, “rock meets classic Hollywood” inspired brand – The Priscilla Presley Collection.

bsp hand-picked key licensees that understood Priscilla’s design aesthetic and who were committed to bringing her vision to light. In 2012, H Studio will launch a home furnishings and décor collection for the brand. The line will include furniture, home accents, art, and organizational pieces that pair H Studio’s expertise with furniture and modern design with Priscilla’s sophisticated elegant style. The alliance with Samuel Aaron offers QVC customers a classy, rock inspired alternative to traditional, predictable jewelry.

The success of the Priscilla Presley Collection is the direct result of Priscilla’s stardom coupled with bsp’s expertise with celebrity-related branding and meaningful strategic partnerships. In a society where personality-backed merchandise has completely saturated the market, this line is differentiated with products that are authentic and a true reflection of Priscilla.