A Lifestyle Magazine Evolves into a Lifestyle Brand

In an era when countless magazines have shriveled and perished, Shape remains the world’s largest women’s active lifestyle monthly. And when its publishers were looking to transform the company into a unique lifestyle brand — one that would resonate with loyal readers and active women — bsp met the challenge, determining that by leveraging its existing brand, media platform, and connection with female consumers, Shape was uniquely positioned to become exactly that. bsp developed and executed a brand extension strategy that engaged Shape’s target audience, raising its brand equity and creating new revenue streams with products spanning a broad breadth of categories. Exercise DVDs, iPhone apps, fitness equipment — suddenly Shape meant more than a magazine; it came to stand for the active, healthy women who recognized in Shape the kind of healthy lifestyle they sought for themselves.

By developing and implementing an aggressive brand extension business plan, bsp successfully leveraged Shape’s brand and reader assets into compelling new business areas. The result? Healthy consumers, a successful business, a thriving lifestyle brand.